Profichip Embedded Solutions

For industrial communication

Industriële processors

Kijk eens naar de nieuwe industriële processors van Yaskawa.

Voor veeleisende toepassingen kan TRITON worden gebruikt als een flexibele PLC-, motion- en Gigabit Ethernet-communicatiecontroller met een geïntegreerde backplane-master.

Als u op zoek bent naar een slanke en compacte oplossing, biedt onze ANTAIOS een Real Time Ethernet-communicatiecontroller met meerdere protocollen.

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Real-Time Ethernet

Yaskawa offers a compact and powerful multi protocol Real Time Ethernet communication controller. Our ANTAIOS enables your devices to connect to every system in an industrial environment.

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SliceBus Technology

From backplane master to slave we offer a complete system with several speed levels. The scalable system can be used with our existing ASICs or also be integrated into your FPGA solution.

Our ANTAIOS works as a slice bus master for the NOTOS and SNAP+ slave controllers.


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Steuerungen der Marke profichip von Yaskawa sind die Impulsgeber aller Automatisierungsaufgaben. Jedes profichip-Produkt wird für eine spezifische Anwendung im Bereich der industriellen Kommunikation maßgeschneidert und deckt dabei die meisten führenden Kommunikationsprotokolle ab.

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Evaluation Kits

The evaluation kits for industrial communication, PLC and motion applications assist you in your develpment process.

Our EVA kits put every possible function and interface at your disposal in an easy-to-use form factor.

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An essential part for your PROFINET application is having the right tools available.

Our PROFINET diagnostic and engineering tools make your daily business easier.

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An essential part for your PROFIBUS application is having the right tools available.

To make your daily business easier we offer a PROFIBUS analyzer, PROFIBUS hubs and software.

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Our PROFIBUS module proficonn as an easy to integrate slave controller for your application. Available in two industry standard packages, enabling easy slave controller development for your applications.

Meet our reliable EasyConn PB connector with fully visible diagnostic LEDs which facilitate the installation considerably. The status of bus activity, termination resistors, power supply and bus status can be checked immediately. Easy installation and no loose parts with single screw system.



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