EasyConn PB

Profibus Connector


The bus connector EasyConn PB is used for the connection of PROFIBUS participants to the bus line. The fully visible diagnostic LEDs facilitate the installation considerably. Users can immediately check the status of bus activity, termination resistors, power supply and bus status. The integrated controller supports transmission rate of up to 12MBit/s.


  • Cable slots with transparent covers for high visibility (wiring, position of sreen and cable)
  • Full metal construction for noise immunity and harsh environment
  • State monitoring via integrated LEDs for bus diagnosis
  • Comfortable IDC technology for fast and reliable wire connection
  • Captive singe-screw-mounting system - no loose parts
  • Integrated switchable termination resistor
  • Integrated programming / diagnostic port
  • Supporting stranded wire types:
    LAPP Art. No. 2170222, 2170822, 2170322


Standard bus line for fixed and flexible wiring Features

  • Bus line according to DIN 19245 and EN 50170
  • Two wires stranded (Red/Green)
  • Sheathing PVC mixture (violet, RAL4001)
  • Flame-retardant according to VDE 0472, part 804, Test procedure B (IEC 332.1)
  • Use of stranded wire, (Lapp Cable Art. No. 2170222, 2170822, 2170322)
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