Abrasive Blasting

Surface treatment and Abrasive Blasting with Motoman Robots

Abrasive blasting is the operation of propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure, in order to smooth, roughen or shape a surface or remove surface contaminants. A pressurised fluid - typically compressed air - is used ad a media to propel the blasting material. This process is mainly used to clean or prepare surfaces of parts to be painted, or to clean them.

All Motoman Handling robots are well suited to automate this procedure, as they provide large operating workspaces and high reorientation speeds. Their programming flexibility allows perfect adjustment of trajectories, distance and blasting direction, either by conventional teaching methods, or by (semi-) automatic path generation through Offline Simulation or CAD/CAM tools. 

Sand Blasting / Grit Blasting with Motoman Robots

Sand blasting used to be a manual process, or was executed in stationary machines. Some machine builders started to automate the sand blasting process by designing proprietary cartesian manipulators. Today, standard industrial robots are replacing those kinematic structures more and more, as they are more competitive today in terms of price, programming and flexibility. 


Motoman robots with IP65/67 classification and standard high quality paint can already withstand tough environments, however it is common that blasting robots are wearing a robot protection suit. Manu suit suppliers are supporting Motoman Manipulators.

Cold Jet y la limpieza con hielo seco de CO2 con robots Motoman

La limpieza criogénica es apenas abrasiva o no abrasiva, a menudo se utiliza para limpiar objetos o para desbarbar. El medio de chorreado no deja ningún residuo.

Flame Treatment of Surfaces