Pallet Repair

Pallet Assembly, Dismantling and Repair with Motoman Robots

This world's transport logistics is based on pallets. While single pallets will be recycled and finally burned, pool pallets are taken back and repaired if damaged. Doing this manually in pallet repair centers means lifting 30kg pallets from staples, using dangerous tiger saws and nailing for the workers. Motoman Robots are shifting this dangerous work to robots and are able to assemble custom pallets automatically, including handling and glueing. The repair works both with open pool pallets and closed pool pallets.


Assembly of Single Pallets with GP Series Robots

Timber Pallet Dismantling and Repair

Robotic Automation has successfully conquered the reworking of used transport pallets is an interesting business to automate, since this job used to be completely manual work before.

YASKAWA Motoman Robots, Peripherals and Systems are leading worldwide in the field of pallet repair, covering pallet sortation, pallet dismantler, replacement of damaged board elements, nailing and handling from/to a conveyor.