Electricity from gravel: the quarry power plant

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  • Hans Zöchling GmbH

Our technologies enable energy recovery in the extraction of raw materials

The company Hans Zöchling GmbH is a sought-after supplier of materials used in the construction industry. From a dolomite quarry in Ramsau, the crushed rock is intelligently conveyed downhill with new transport systems that use the gradient to generate energy.

Hans Zöchling GmbH

As a family business with its headquarters in Hainfeld (Lower Austria), Hans Zöchling GmbH operates quarries, gravel works and various recycling and processing plants. In addition, the company, which now has around 350 employees and belongs to the upper-middle class, also offers transport services and is also involved in the field of "urban mining". This is an increasingly important sector, for example, for extracting metals from power plant filter residues and much more. In many of these applications, Vipa Elektronik-Systeme GmbH is a valued partner in the design and product selection. As a supplier of technology, the company was able to offer the company an exclusive range of solutions in the latest project as well. Schmied & Fellmann GmbH is also enthusiastic about the technological advantages - as an automation partner, this experienced company builds and maintains the most sophisticated systems.