Painting lines set benchmark for the coating of rubber profiles

  • Klant
  • Cooper Standard


  • Coating of various rubber profiles for the automotive industry 


  • Investment in two new painting lines from Rippert
  • Resultant high availability and flexibility --> assurance of delivery capability
  • Reduction of additional equipment in the systems to exclude potential causes of faults from the outset
  • Product-specific component locations rather than customary Power&Free conveyor technology
  • Permanent recording of production data for seamless quality management
  • Use of the strong, reliable Motoman EPX2800 robot
  • The robot carries four paint guns – the system operates with four independent paint circuits
  • No time-consuming paint changes and no conversion work
  • Use of servomotor-driven metering cylinders that enable precise, pulse-free metering of the paints 


  • The painting systems meet all automotive requirements with flying colors.
  • Rippert has closely cooperated to provide a convincing, custom-tailored overall concept; LacTec has integrated innovative application technology and Yaskawa has supplied an excellent painting robot, the Motoman EPX2800, whose strengths include reliability, precision and reach